Publication Opportunities

Presented abstracts will be published as an e-book with a special ISBN number on 15 February 2024 after the congress.

We offer two alternatives for the publication of full texts.

1- Publication of full texts in the proceedings book with ISBN: It will be published as an e-book on 15 February 24.

2-Publish as an article in international journals: If you want to have your full text published as an article, you can send your work to one of the journals below. Carefully read the following rules regarding article publication.

Publishing Guidelines

If you want to have your full text published as an article, you can send your work to any one of the journals from the above list. Please read the following rules carefully for article publication.

·    Examine the website and spelling rules of the journal you want to submit your work to;

·   Edit your full text in accordance with the journal writing rules and send it directly to the journal (do not send it to the conference e-mail address)

·  The journal application fee is 50% discounted for Conference participants. For this reason, when submitting your article to the journal, you must indicate that you are a participant of our Conference.

·    The discounted fee is only valid for the paper you presented in our Conference. If you want to publish another article, you will not be able to benefit from the discounted rate. Journal fees are outside of our Conference organization, payment must be made directly to the relevant journal.

·    Your work will be published as an article by assigning a DOI number, provided that it passes the journal referee process.

·  Our Conference organization does not have the authority to interfere with the journal referee process. Being a Conference participant does not oblige to publish an article in the journal. Articles that pass the journal referee process can be published.

Abstract Writing Guidelines

·       Write your summary in Times New Roman (12 points) on the A4 size Word page. Leave 1.25 line spacing;

·       Your abstract should be in the range of 220-300 words (including the title and keyword);

·       The entire title should be written in CAPITAL letters. Must have at least 3 keywords;

·      English abstract is required; and

·     Please add the author’s title, name, surname, institution, e-mail address, mobile phone number and ORCID number under the title (e-mail address and mobile phone numbers will not be in the book during the publication process).