Keynote Speakers

Eng. prof . Dr. Salim-ur-Rehman, Vice Chancellor,  Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology Peshawar

Professor Dr. Salim-ur-Rehman is currently working as Vice Chancellor of Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology (IT), Peshawar. Dr. Salim is gold medalist in Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering. He was commissioned in the PAF in 1985. As a PAF officer, he served the PAF in various capacities. He also developed the Recovery Plan for the Mirages, PAF acquired from Australia in 1990. In 1991, he earned the Ministry of Science and Technology Scholarship for Higher Education abroad. He completed his masters and PhD in Industrial Engineering in 1993 and 1995, respectively, from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.He served National University of Science & Technology (NUST) for over six years and sought retirement as associate professor in 2001. He is one of the found members of Sarhad University. In 2003, he became dean, while in early 2006, he took over the charge of vice chancellor of Sarhad University. He has a number of research publications in national and international journals of repute. He has also developed many software products. One of his software packages for linear programming is currently being used by many universities. His areas of research include quality control & quality management, optimization, statistics, and stochastic

Prof. Dr. Subramaniam Karuppannan, Head of Department, Environmental Health and Safety, MAHSA University, Malaysia

prof. Dr. Subramaniam Karuppannan (PhD) is the Head of Department and Senior Lecturer (Environmental Health and Safety). He has been a consultant in EHS at University Technology MARA Malaysia for 11 years before holding the Professor and HOD position at MAHSA University (2½years). He is part of the academic staff on a part time basis at the Open University of Malaysia, University Putra Malaysia and University Technology of MARA (UiTM). He is the external examiner on Occupational Health and Safety at SEGI University College KL He has also worked as an Assistant Environmental Health Officer in the MOH and Local Authority in Malaysia.

He has been an active advocate or tackling climate change and industrial pollution for the past several years, being involved and speaking at environment seminars and conferences such as Managing Major Industrial Accidents Hazards in Avoiding Major Disasters (2020), Environmental Health For A Sustainable Future 2021 , Engineering, Science & Technology International Conference (ESTIC) 2018, co-organized by the Consulting Engineer Special Interest Group (CESIG) of IEM, National Webinar: Enhancing the Implementation of the Green Public Procurement in Malaysia (2022), along with the World Conference on Environmental Health 2022 (Kuala Lumpur).

Dr. Subramaniam also has extensive work experience and research in the environment field. He has remained engaged in research and consultation work in the field of environment, health and safety. He has published papers in journals, conferences and workshops. His recent project involved dealing with Toxic and Hazardous chemicals as well as indoor air quality in Malaysia.

Currently, he is an Environment Expert and is a member of the Thematic Working Group (TWG10) for the National Environmental Health Action Program (NEHAP), Ministry of Health Malaysia. He is the member of the Inception Committee for the Environment Board of Malaysia. He also holds the Industrial Expert (Health) membership of the Human Resources Development Fund of Malaysia. He is also the member of the Council of Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) Lecturers in the Malaysian Society of OSH (MSOSH). He is the Vice President of the ENSEARCH Malaysia and MSWME. This included coordinating research work with JICA Tokyo projects in waste management.

He was the past member of the Environmental Quality Council of Malaysia (2015-2018). He is also a trainer for NIOSH Malaysia, MRCs, and ENSEARCH Malaysia.

Dr. Sadaf Khan,  Senior Lecturer, Malaysia,

Dr. Sadaf Khan holds a PhD in Accounting and Finance from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Her core expertise is not limited to Auditing, Accounting and Finance but her interest touches the boundaries of behavioral psychology, judgment and decision making. Her dissertation research work is the pioneering work in Pakistan. She has been awarded a fellowship from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and has been affiliated with the various faculty positions for 12 years in different national and international universities, including recent affiliation with Sunway Group of Education in Malaysia. She has renewed research contribution to her credit in national and international ABDC ranked journals and conference proceedings.She has been invited as a key note speaker in varied international platform.

Dr. Aruna Dayanatha, IT Expert, Sri Lanka

Aruna Dayanatha is the Director and Chief Conceptualist at Right X (Pvt) Ltd and the Team Leader of the Advanced HR Strategies Project of the Pakistani Textile Sector, sponsored by GIZ. He has invented many concepts in sociology. His doctoral research was on leadership enactment for information system success. A sensemaking perspective provided a new agenda for IS success. He has proven himself as an IT manager and an HR manager while working in diverse industries. His expertise in information technology, human resource management, project management, and operations management has become instrumental in giving practical insights into his consulting.He has produced concepts in many areas, among them HR maturity, digital transformational leadership, a design thinking framework of his own, and an assured training benefit model. He advocates doing business without paper and conducting sustainable research without paper. He is a certified management consultant, chartered IT professional, associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, member of the Computer Society of Sri Lanka, member of the Sri Lanka Institute of Service Management, member of the Association of HR Professionals, and a certified gamification expert. He is a corporate trainer, lecturer, and keynote speaker.

Sandiran Premakanthan, Financial Management Expert, Canada

Sandiran (Sandi) Premakanthan hold sa Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) (concentration in Evaluation, Auditing, Managerial Finance and Accounting, Statistics and Quantitative techniques) and Diploma in Business Administration from the University of Ottawa. Sandi is an Accredited Productivity Professional and Industrial Engineer (Fellow of the Institute of Management Services, United Kingdom. – FMS and an Associate, Institute of Industrial Engineers – AIIE) with over 25 years of General Management Consulting including Auditing, Evaluation, Quality Management and Quality Assurance and Industrial Engineering experience.In addition, he is a Certified Quality Auditor (CQA), of the American Society for Quality and a Quality Management Institute (QMI) Certified Lead Auditor in ISO 14000 Environmental Management Systems (EMS). He is also certified as a Provisional SPICE (Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination – ISO 15504) Assessor (CPSA) of the Quality Assurance Institute, USA. He is a Credentialed Evaluator (CE) of the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES)

He is member of the Canadian, (CES), other international professional bodies. During the past 20 years Sandi has been with the health sector in Canada. Currently he is a Senior Advisor, Program, Performance Measurement & Strategic Planning, with the Health Security Infrastructure Branch, PHAC.

He is the author of articles on “An Industrial Engineering Approach to Defining Organizational Performance Metrics: Outputs and Strategic Outcomes and Performance Information in Service and Government Organizations” and Evaluation Power and the Power of Evaluation in “Speaking Truth to Power”. He is a regular contributor to the International Organization for Collaborative Outcome Management (IOCOM) Digest & Dialogue (IDD), a quarterly management journal, published for the past 8 years.

He is a practitioner of Industrial Engineering tools and techniques especially white-collar work measurement. He had the good fortune of being mentored by the late Marvin E. Mundel, Director, Budgets under the Kennedy Administration. Sandi has enhanced Dr. Mundel’s 8th order Performance Metrics Structure in to a 10th order Model.

He is the President and Principal Consultant of Symbiotic International Consulting Services (SICS), Ottawa, Canada. He is an active member of the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES).

Sandi is the Founder President/Chair of the International Organization for Collaborative Outcome Management (IOCOM), a not-for-profit Corporation registered in Canada.