We are a group of experts working with and for youth in maximizing their academic and research potentials aiming at their social and economic well-being. We prepare young graduates to become good researchers and entrepreneurs through a variety of interventions, like training, seminars, workshops, and conferences. We also assist Ph.D./MS students and researchers in learning new skills and improving their skills in areas related to designing of research projects, data collection and data analysis.

Besides, we help organizations (public, private and development sector), through needed and relevant interventions to improving and sustaining their performance at three levels i.e. individual, group and organizational. We also facilitate the organizations in designing and implementing behavioral change initiatives.


 Our mission is to empower young graduates with right skills, attitudes and tools, to work at their fullest potential aiming at enriching their profession skills to uplift theirs and their families’ social, psychological and economic wellbeing.


Our vision is to become the leading and the most effective talent developer and enabler organization in Pakistan.

Core values

Our core values are:

  • Creative thinking
  • Happiness
  • Psychological value
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Learning excellence

Our slogan

Join our hands to empower the youth for psychologically, economically and socially vibrant and progressing society.